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Bestseller No. 1
Ossur Cold Rush Therapy System (W/Universal Pad)
  • Stay cooler, longer! The highest ice-to-water ratio in the industry and a design that produces less heat transfer from the motor to the water combine to ensure cold therapy pain relief for up to 6 continuous hours.
  • Quiet as a whisper. Cold Rush uses a brushless motor to produce a whisper-quiet (30 decibel) unit that allows patients to get the rest they need to properly rehabilitate from their injuries.
  • Cold rush cold provides an effective and soothing treatment for reducing post-surgery pain and swelling. Improve joint function and quality of life.
  • Before you use any product for health care, we advise that you consult your physician or primary healthcare provider and seek the appropriate advice and supervision prior to use.
Bestseller No. 2
Vive Cold Therapy Machine - Large Ice Cryo Cuff - Flexible...
  • TARGETED ICE THERAPY RELIEF: Providing cool, soothing relief for post-surgery swelling and inflammation, joint pain and post-workout recovery, the ice therapy machine by Vive includes a durable base unit, universal cold therapy pad, extended reach insulated tubing and three secure straps. Holding up to six liters of ice water, the therapy machine also features five rates of continuous flow with cycle times of 30 minutes or less for a personalized experience.
  • QUIET, COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Designed for ease of use, the cooling therapy system is quiet, compact and easily portable with an integrated carry handle. The clear base allows for easy filling with marked guides for both ice and water levels.
  • LARGE FLEXIBLE THERAPY PAD: Uniquely shaped and flexible, the large therapy pad contours to the shape of the body for targeted relief. The surface of the pad is also dimpled to ensure the ice water is evenly distributed. Suitable for use on the ankle, knee, leg, hip, elbow, shoulder and arm, the pad includes three elastic straps for securing it in any position. Constructed with a durable composite material with reinforced seams for long-term, leakproof use.
  • EXTRA LONG INSULATED TUBING: Allowing for use in a variety of settings, the ice therapy system includes a five-foot, foam-insulated connector tube to ensure the water temperature remains constant throughout the treatment cycle. Each connection point includes both a snap and clip mechanism to ensure a leakproof setup every time.
Bestseller No. 3
Cryotherapy - Circulating Personal Cold Water Therapy Ice Machine...
  • ICE COLD THERAPY UNIT: Fill the unit with cold water and ice - water is quietly circulated through the leak-free 52" hose to the pad, giving that specific area complete cold coverage. The cryo-cool system circulates cold water for up to 5 hours, continuously supplying cold to the area that needs it the most.
  • UNIVERSAL WRAP TO RELIEVE WHAT AILS YOU: You may have any number of areas sorely in need of some relief and the universal wrap can take care of them. The universal wrap is 11"x 11" and includes a 3"x39" Velcro strap for use with a variety of areas like the hip, ankle, wrist, shoulder, leg, or elbow. Additional pad designs are sold separately.
  • HELP FOR INJURIES, PAIN, SORENESS, AND SWELLING: Whether you're a sports hero, lead an active lifestyle, or just had an unfortunate misshape, injuries are a part of life. Cold water therapy can help get you through this tough time by helping to manage your pain and reduce discomfort or edema caused by traumatic injuries or post-operative pain.
  • A COLD WATER THERAPY MACHINE TO HELP MANAGE CHRONIC PAIN: Pain and inflammation can slow us down, but who has time for that? This cold therapy unit provides added compression to trouble areas to help reduce pain and inflammation. It can provide pain relief for more chronic conditions like diabetic neuropathy, arthritis, joint pain, and more.
Bestseller No. 4
Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller - 6 Hours Cold...
  • Easy to carry: The mobility tool is portable and easy to grip for on-the-go musk
  • Useful for pre- and post-workout recovery:  Use the massage roller ball
  • Gives relief from pain:  The roller ball easily gets to your neck and parts
  • Improves circulation and mobility:  Recoup Fitness cold roller ball release
Bestseller No. 5
Polar Products Active Ice 3.0 Knee & Joint Cold Therapy System...
  • Specifically designed for post-surgery, drug-free pain relief. Cold Therapy slows the blood flow to an injury, which reduces swelling, inflammation and pain following surgical procedures or trauma.
  • Easy to use time and time again, simply add ice and water to the cooler. The complete system includes 9 Quart Active cooling reservoir, Digital Timer with on/off switch and Knee Bladder with attached compression belts.
  • The brushless Pump is whisper quiet; it provides high efficiency steady, effective cooling therapy. Our leak-proof quick disconnect couplings allow the bladder to be detached from the system at any time during treatment to allow movement as needed.
  • Our Active Ice System includes an electronic digital timer with on/off switch. This digital timer allows you to set your treatment duration, per your doctor's recommendation, in increments of 30 minutes. The timer is a critical safety feature! (Unlike competitors' models, which have no timer or even on/off switch, they must be unplugged after each use!)
Bestseller No. 6
Cold Therapy Gel Pack - Large 13x21.5" Ice Pack for Back, Knee,...
  • RELIEVE PAIN EASILY - Lessen your pain without mess and hassle! This cold pack reduces your aches and swelling without any ointments or pills. Whether you have back pain from biking, or you're sore swelling from surgery, the Rester's Choice gel ice bag is here to help.
  • COMFORTABLY COLD - After a couple hours in the freezer, the ice pack for injuries gets super cold! In fact, it gets so frosty, we recommend placing a cloth between your skin and the back and knee ice pack for the most relief and comfortable use.
  • COVERAGE WHERE YOU NEED IT - Leave no pain un-iced! Your 13x21.5" shoulder ice pack is extra-large to cover your injuries and pain without leaving spots untouched. It's the perfect size for fitting in your freezer (thanks to its malleable gel) and using on large areas like the back for pain relief.
  • FLEXIBLE WHEN FROZEN - Morph the cold packs into the shape you need even after they've been frozen! Our cold packs for injuries stay pliable so you can place them around your knee, shoulder, and neck.
Bestseller No. 7
NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks - Gel Ice Treatment for feet, Heels,...
  • USES: Within seconds, chills entire foot to relieve: sore feet, hot feet, tired feet, aching feet, & painful chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis and arthritis. Frequently used during chemotherapy and pregnancy.
  • IMMEDIATE RELIEF: from inflammation & swelling from sprains or strains of the arch, ball-of-foot, heel, neuropathy, or any foot injury. Ideal for people who are on their feet all day.
  • SIZING: Small/Medium fits Women's shoe sizes 6 to 9 US & Men's shoe sizes 4 to 8 US. One pair.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Neutralizes pain & wear and tear with a chilled gel pack beneath the length of the foot, & another half-size pack for top of foot or behind heel.
Bestseller No. 8
FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack (Standard Large: 10.5" x 14.5") - Reusable...
  • 4 SIZES: Standard Large, Oversize, Half size, & Neck Contour gel ice pack.
  • COLDER FOR LONGER: Proprietary gel cold pack stays colder for Longer than competing products that use inferior bentonite formulations.
  • MORE FLEXIBLE: The Most Flexible Cold Pack available due to the best professional-grade gel interior that remains pliable when frozen, which provides better contact by conforming to any part of the body.
  • HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL'S CHOICE: Used by thousands of Physical Therapists and other healthcare professionals for cold therapy to aid acute & chronic pain, muscle pain, arthritis, inflammation, swelling, menopause-related hot flashes, and injury recovery.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Koo-Care Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack & Wrap with Elastic Straps...
  • Includes a nylon non-toxic gel ice pack(11" x 14", 2.2 lbs), a matching wrap and an extension band. Available for both heat and cold compress, keeps flexible and soft after frozen even at 0°F(-18℃), CE and FDA approved.
  • The gel ice pack is large and heavy enough, it can keep cold or hot longer than other smaller packs. The unique design makes the gel distribute evenly and the gel will not easily clump together unlike other large cold packs. It feels soft, smooth and comfortable. It is also reusable and can be frozen, heated or microwaved.
  • The fabric wrap is very soft, the attached 2 elastic bands and straps make it easy to keep the cold pack in place. The long elastic band extends from 29.5" to 43.3" or even more, so the item fits for people of different figures.
  • This product is multi-function and can be used for shoulders, arms, back, belly, hips, thighs, knees, thins etc. It is also a first-aid essential for home or clinical use as it is ideal for sports injuries, muscle pains, strain & stiffness, body aches and more!
Bestseller No. 10
Upgraded Cold Laser, Low Level Laser Therapy LLLT Pain Relief...
  • 【Lifetime Warranty】: Easy-to-reach lifetime customer service provide the highest customer satisfaction. Please try to contact the seller if you miss the return window.
  • 【Upgraded Design】: 13pcs x 650nm and 3pcs x 808nm. More lights have been added for a more effective treatment. NOTE: THE THREE LIGHT OF 808NM ARE INVISIBLE.
  • 【Medical Grade Lights】: 650nm can only penetrate the shallow skin (2-3 cm) like the blood vessel wall to relieve shallow pain and wound healing. 808nm can penetrate into the pain area, about 5-7 cm, so the treatment of arthritis, knee, shoulder pain, etc.
  • 【NO DRUG SIDE-EFFECTES】: Low level laser therapy is used to support recovery by easing aches and pains. Natural healing, non-invasive treatment, no cross infection, painless. Easy & safe treatments increases the efficiency of traditional physiotherapy and conventional treatments which is a perfect gift for your parents and friends.

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